Illustration Portfolio

Examples of my illustration, comics and design work.

Squirrel spy Cognito Sanchez wearing a scuba suit holding up his Squirrel Intelligence Agency credentials

Cognito Sanchez: Dive Another Day

James Bond meets Zootopia with a mockumentary twist in this graphic novel for ages 7 to 10. This project is currently a work in progress and available for acquisition.

Gibson the cat peeking from above

Get Down, Gibson!

Discover a hilarious and heartwarming pet vs. master power struggle in this comic-style picture book for ages 3-8. This project has not yet been published and is available for acquisition.

Mr. Buttons the crow flying with a button in his talon and palm trees in the background

Mr. Buttons

When a smarmy crow falls in love with a duck-shaped hot tub chlorinator, things don't go as planned. This comic was published in my zine "Everything-ness" which is available in my store.

A little girl and a gray cat sitting at the end of a pier looking over The Magic Lake

The Magic Lake

A lazy summer day has the unexpected in store for Lucy and her adventure cat Maverick. This comic is in my zine "Everything-ness" available in my store.

Person wearing a horse head mask with t-shirt that says Watch Me Neigh Neigh

Bar Dice Game Guide

I worked with MKE Bar Dice Co. to illustrate and design this informative and entertaining 32-page game guide.

Bee eater bird flying about to catch a bee


I love illustrating characters for kids' books, quirky t-shirts and more. Here are some examples.