Cognito Sanchez: Dive Another Day

Explore chapter 2 below.

Cognito Sanchez by Sheri Roloff graphic novel cover Page 14 Cognito and Dash at Lack Michigan investigating their cases Page 15 Dash points out dead fish laying on the shore to Cognito Page 16 Cognito looks across Lake Michigan with binoculars Page 17 Cognito sees a buoy that is leaning like something is pulling on it Page 18 Dash says they should check it out, but wants help with a fish cadaver first Page 19 Cognito is alarmed by touching the dead fish, but helps out anyway Page 20 Dash explains case details while Cognito jumps in Lake Michigan without her Page 21 Dash catches up to Cognito, they find a large net of fish pulling on the buoy Page 22 something is approaching in the distance while Dash and Cognito work to free the fish Page 23 Cognito cuts through the net, the fish are free, but he gets tangled in the net Page 24 A giant fish-shaped submarine captures Cognito and takes him away from Dash Page 25 View inside the submarine shows Cognito getting spit out in front of three shadowed figures