My new favorite illustration prompt: #Colour_Collective


I’m putting a spotlight on #Colour_Collective this week because it’s helped me find tons of amazing artwork from many talented illustrators! And I love that all artists and mediums are welcome.

Here’s the skinny. Every Saturday on Twitter @Clr_Collective releases a new color for that week’s inspiration. The following Friday at 19:30 BST (that’s 1:30pm CST, my Midwestern friends), artists of all stripes share artwork inspired by that color and tag it #Colour_Collective.

Here are some of the pieces I’ve made over the past couple weeks and the colors that inspired them.

#Colour_Collective Artwork by Sheri Roloff

So, if you’re looking for a smile on Fridays, browse the hashtag for some beautiful art! And if you’re an artist looking for weekly inspiration, join in! The online community around this is awesome. This week’s color is Portland Orange, and I can’t wait to post something new tomorrow and see all the amazing artwork!


Some assembly required – illustration building


I’m taking a new approach to a commissioned illustration project. I’m drawing each piece separately and then assembling it in Photoshop. Why? Well, I’ve done some assembly before (on an as-needed, less-planned basis) and it’s worked well. And even though it might be a little more work up front, this way I’ll have more control over editing: sizing, placement, future tweaks, etc. And I’d have the flexibility to easily use different parts of the illustration in future images.

In-progress artwork by Sheri Roloff

Right now it looks pretty random, but soon it will be one cohesive image. Final imagery coming soon!

Check out Square Tactics: a FREE, indie, print-and-play card game!


My best friend and partner in crime (aka, my husband Owen) created a fun, easy-to-play card game. Before he put it out into the world, he needed some original art to replace his google-image placeholders. So, he asked me to draw some of his character ideas.

Working on the artwork for Square Tactics was a great opportunity for me to work on character design. There are four factions (or teams) to choose from when you play – aliens, robots, ninjas and cats. After a few rounds of sketches, we agreed on the character archetypes and styles, and I created the final line art. Owen then designed the cards and placed the artwork.

There are 48 cards total, but here are a few of my favorites. You may recognize Noisy Ninja from my comic strip Noisy Ninja Bounces Back, which I created after I developed the Ninja character for Square Tactics.

Noisy Ninja - Square Tactics Friendly Ninja - Square Tactics Lazy Cat - Square Tactics Spy Cat - Square TacticsFrightened Alien - Square Tactics Pirate Alien - Square Tactics Archer Bot - Square Tactics DJ Bot - Square Tactics

Get the free print-and-play version of Square Tactics here. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!