Mya and Lucy by Sheri Roloff

The Floor is Lava by Sheri Roloff

Pigbee by Sheri Roloff

Teefie and Duncan by Sheri Roloff

Ostrich on the Moon by Sheri Roloff

Feast by Sheri Roloff



Here are a few illustrations from my in-progress graphic novel Cognito Sanchez. Read a 12-page excerpt here.

Cognito Sanchez cover by Sheri Roloff

Cognito Sanchez Page 14 by Sheri RoloffCognito Sanchez Page 15 by Sheri Roloff

Here are a few illustrations from my comic Mr. Buttons. Read the full story here.

Mr. Buttons by Sheri Roloff

Mr. Buttons by Sheri Roloff_page 1

Rocker Bunny Dreams by Sheri Roloff

Tom and Gibson by Sheri Roloff

Going Down a Rat Hole by Sheri Roloff



3 thoughts on “Illustration

  1. My five-year-old just made me read your Cognito Sanchez sample three times. We are looking forward to when it is out in print!

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