Wacky Wednesday Post #6: HEY, Grumpy-Head!


Last week was filled to the brim with highs and lows on a number of projects. During one of my grumpier moments, I drew this in my new bullet journal. (Bullet journaling is way cool by the way, and I recommend checking it out if you’re a chronic list maker/misplacer.)

Anyway, this post isn’t as wacky as I’d prefer my Wacky Wednesday posts to be. It was originally just a reminder to myself. (That’s me pictured below with the slouchy hipster hat and serious facial grumps!) But I decided to share it anyway because I thought it might resonate with other people who make things.

Projects inevitably ebb and flow, and sometimes grumpiness strikes when self-doubt and impatience seep in. As far as I can tell, the only answer is to step back, maybe draw a grumpy picture or go for a run or bake some cookies or do whatever else you’re into for a while… and then get back to work.

HEY, Grumpy-Head! by Sheri Roloff


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