The chase scene illustration unveiled


I’d like to introduce a new spread from The Garbage Monster, a picture book featuring Fiasco the cat and his sidekick Flatypus. Every night, noises from the kitchen closet torment Fiasco. Convinced there is a menacing Garbage Monster afoot, Fiasco and Flatypus can’t resist a nightly pursuit.

And now for the all-important chase scene.

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene Part 1

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene Part 2

The Garbage Monster - Chase Scene

So the real question: is the Garbage Monster a mouse or a crazy robot-armed garbage can of doom?! More on that later. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The chase scene illustration unveiled

  1. Hi, Sheri! I found your blog! (Well, I didn’t find it, you sent it to me, but you know. . .) So, I wanted to say that your page of children’s book reminded me of House of Leaves. In terms of how you located your words on the page. If you haven’t read it, the words are all kind of crazily placed on the pages, but it adds in every way to the intensity of the story line (if you haven’t read it, you totally should–or maybe just do an image search of the book so that maybe you know what I’m talking about). So your book is totally different (it’s a children’s book, and not, I presume, in the horror genre), and this is really round-about what I am trying to say, but just that I really like how you placed your words. And that it really complements your pictures. And I would love to read more!!

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